How To Stop Self Sabotaging Your Relationships

Thank you for landing on my page. If you’ve been searching the internet for how to stop self sabotaging your relationships, I am sure that you will have come across many different scenarios. Here I am going to offer you a few tips, then, when you take on board my insights, by applying  how to stop self sabotaging your relationships tips, you can have the relationship that you want.

How to stop self sabotaging your relationships by defining your relationship

Defining your relationship is usually the first place to start. Think about what you want specifically from the relationship and how you feel about it. For example if you do not have many close friends and you wonder why you find it difficult to get into a relationship or maintain one, it could be that you are not in the relationship zone.

How to stop self sabotaging your relationships Best Tip 1

Start to spend more time with acquaintances and build upon your current relationships. This will build your self-esteem, self confidence and allow you to become more comfortable with others. It’s a bit like taking your vehicle out on the road for a test drive.

If you suck at this side maybe you need some coaching or professional help. This doesn’t mean that you are a loser or anything like that it simply means that you need a hand in getting your product into a package that the market wants 🙂

How to stop self sabotaging your relationships Best Tip 2

Spring Clean Your Friends.

Have a look at your friends and be honest with yourself. Are they genuine friends or have you just been hanging around them but never really getting anything back from the relationship? I remember when my father died I had arranged to meet up with a guy I had been calling “a friend” for several years. When he showed up I explained that I might not be the best company owing to my bereavement. My “friend” replied “Wait until you hear the week that I have had!!”
I have never spoken to that person again and wow did that free me up to develop some wonderful friendships.

How to stop self sabotaging your relationships Best Tip 3

By your friends be judged!

As you think about your friends notice where do you know them from? Are they long time friends or short term? If all of your friends are from your workplace what will happen if you lose your job? You might only ever speak in work place jargon so that will make it hard for you if you go out on a date with someone who doesn’t work at your place. You might also settle for going out with someone from work because it’s the easy thing to do. STOP!!! You run the risk of self sabotaging a work relationship as well as your job! If you break up you might feel so bad that you have to leave your employment, that means you loose your social group too!

Make sure that you have a variety of people to spend time with and you will grow. Somebody once said that you become the sum total of the five people you spend the most time with. What does that say about you?

The How to stop self sabotaging your relationships Best Tips will continue in my next blog.