Self Sabotage

Self Sabotage – The Saboteur Within is a Powerful Force


I think, therefore I am! How many of us have truly absorbed the significance of these words by Descartes. We go out, buy that pot of paint, promise ourselves to paint the hall the coming weekend and nothing happens. We join a gym, pay for membership, get the new running shoes, and then…. nothing! We promise to work on a failing relationship or walk out on it… and six weeks, six months, six years down the line, we are still with the same person, the same pain… how many situations like this do we encounter daily, weekly, monthly, year in, year out. What is it in us that stop’s us from creating the change we want in our lives, despite our very best intentions. The answer is surprising and simple.

Within us all is a protective mechanism built up over years of living experience that works against us while attempting to save us, all at the same time. “The Saboteur Within” is a powerful force, rooted deep in our sub-conscious that acts against us even when we are determined to change ourselves and situations that impact us negatively. That little voice in our head that speaks up most powerfully, driving all our behaviour and all our actions – otherwise called our unconscious mind – is the culprit that stops us from doing what we need to and want to, to reach the very goals we set for ourselves. Learning how to catch and manage this fundamental part of our thinking processes is the only way to achieve true and lasting change.

And finally we have a manual that tells us how to overcome this enemy inside our heads and make it our ally. Matt Hudson’s definitive guide to overcoming self-sabotage is a genuine user manual that is based on real experiences of others like you, who have tried to create change and have failed; until they used the strategies presented in this book. “The Saboteur Within” offers a step-by-step approach to overcome the saboteur that lives inside your head.


Why Do You Self Sabotage?


Why is your mind doing this to you? The answer is simple! Your mind has developed right along with the choices you’ve made up to this moment. Those choices are maintained by your unconscious mind until directed to change.

Some people are trapped in behavioural thinking strategies that are anything but healthy. They’ve convinced themselves that they can’t dance, sing or otherwise perform unless they’re under the influence of alcohol or narcotics. Others have grown up in an environment where stress and constant strife are the norm rather than the exception so they’re not comfortable unless they’re in some kind of conflict or argument.

Now that we’re mature adults, let’s take the bull by the horns and do what’s right for our bodies and our environment. When the excuses and negative arrows come at us, we have the ability to duck or escape them but why not learn to negotiate effectively with your own mind?

If you must, get a pen and paper and write down the pros and cons of the decision you’re facing. When you see that the pros are greater in number then…well, what do you think? You’ll feel better as a result and you’ll be healthier too. Health isn’t just about weight issues; it’s about eliminating stress and conflict in your life as well. So, what other areas in your life are currently being run for you in order to have your Saboteur Within, self sabotage any chance of change?


Self Sabotage- Does The Saboteur Within Actually Support You?


Your unconscious mind knows all of your deepest secrets, it even keeps them from you, and it does this in order to keep you safe. We know it sounds, ridiculous; to think that there is a part of you that knows more about you than you do, but that’s the plain and simple truth of the matter. Your very own Saboteur, who will use your fears against you in order that you remain safe and un-changed, guarding your innermost secrets ferociously.

Let me assure you, straight off, that you have all of the answers or rather your unconscious mind does. No matter what your presenting issue is the answers are within you.

Our task is to remind you of the answers, reminding you that you have just forgotten for a while and you can look forward to a time, in your future, when you can look back to now, having realised that you have remembered who you truly are.

You see the problem isn’t that you don’t want to change. The problem is that often, when you try to change, you sabotage yourself and that means reading this book and doing the exercises, a couple of times over, so that you can understand the highest intentions that the Saboteur Within looks to uphold for you, thus preventing self sabotage.


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P.S. Once you’ve read the book, remember to come back to me and tell me how much your life has changed for the better.
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