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Hi there, Fellow self saboteur!

Because many of you don’t have the time to sit and read a book nowadays, I asked a friend of mine to record the book for me in London. I am from the north of England and my accent can be a little difficult to understand sometimes, so now you have a chance to listen to my book in perfect English, thanks to the voice of Matthew Field check him out too.

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Find out what really makes you tick and why you have reached for the stars over and over again to fall back to earth with a resounding thud.

The power of the unconscious is tremendous and unless you learn to tackle it with effective strategies to recognize when it is wielding influence over you, it can have disastrous results in many areas of your life.

I have shared deeply personal anecdotes to show you how the power of the mind can both create and cure illnesses within our bodies.

Why many of us suffer from chronic conditions – joint aches, depression, allergies… the list is endless.

All of these conditions are rooted in the mind… but how do we uproot them?

“The Saboteur Within” offers a step-by-step approach to overcome the saboteur that lives inside your head.


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