How To Fix A Relationship

Relationship Sabotage, Do You Do It, Unconsciously?


A healthy relationship can set the foundation for every aspect of your life, both professional and personal. A good relationship will support your self-esteem and self-worth, whilst simultaneously strengthening your connections with others. But, if there is a Saboteur Within Your Relationship your life can spiral out of control very quickly. If you are lucky; a fast change in your relationship is clearly more noticeable so you will be able to act on it sooner. If you are unlucky, then the problem may have been in your relationship for a long time, in some cases years, and you may need professional help to get it back on track.


Understand how to fix a relationship

Relationship sabotage is common, I provide relationship advice but based on helping yourself


Matt Hudson makes the point in his book The Saboteur Within, that a relationship is not like a partnership because it only thrives on 100% input from both parties, whereas a partnership is 50/50. Hudson asserts that in a “new relationship for example: You’ve just met and your new partner is everything that you could ever have wished for. That is your 100% initial input. Over time you can begin to stop noticing the wonderful things that makes your relationship with your partner so special (the 95%) and, instead, focus on the things your partner does that wind you up! (The 5%)

We live in a throwaway society but a good relationship will support you and your partner through life’s often-turbulent episodes. MITA coaches work with you to find out how you can best resolve your issues by developing even more love for yourself and your partner.

No matter how bad things seem there are always two sides and MITA coaches will move you quickly to making better decisions about your relationship. If your relationship is toxic we will tell you, so that you don’t continue down a road that is unhealthy for both of you. We are here to promote strong, healthy relationships that are of benefit to both you and your partner.


Relationship Sabotage, work on it


If you are contemplating relationship coaching or marriage coaching, it takes a lot of commitment and sometimes a lot of time, but if both of you want a lasting, healthy relationship then the investment is worth while. All we ask of you both is that you be willing and able to honest within your communication and allow us to translate on your behalf , until you both are able to understand each other. You may be on the same page but are you on the same line?

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Work on your inner habits and help fix your relationship thanks to Matt Hudson and his book “The Saboteur Within”


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