A One Word Transformation

The Doctor and the Bridge…

or a One Word Transformation

Here is another simple example that never made it into “The Saboteur Within” and yet the client had tried for years to resolve her problem to no avail.

A Medical Doctor called me up a while back to ask if I could work with her fear of driving over a bridge. She lived on one side of the river Tyne and worked in the hospital just 10 minutes away by car, over the bridge, but since she had a morbid fear of travelling over bridges she would take the long drive to work via the tunnel, adding an extra hour each way to her journey!

When the doctor arrived I asked her what her presenting problem was and she said “I have a fear of driving over a bridge”, “Hmmm!” I said “so have I” The doctor glared at me in and growled “So, how are you going to help me then?” I gave a very puzzled look, back to her and said “ I would have thought that everyone is terrified at the thought of going over a bridge, but I am okay with the thought of going across one!

The Doctor was expressionless for a moment and then burst into laughter, we had a little chat about this and that and she left. About an hour later she called to say that she had driven over several bridges and was cured!

How did it work?

  • Picture a bridge inside your mind
  • Imagine going over it
  • Now imagine going across it
  • For some people there is no difference but for others over means off the edge, whilst across has the other end connected

Sometimes the one right word or phrase is all it takes to transform your map of the world…