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Business Coaching, Get Rid Of The Terrorist Within Your Business


Matt Hudson the author of The Saboteur Within – the definitive guide to overcoming self-sabotage, has twenty years in the professional and personal development field. Using humour and a light hearted approach, Matt draws on his extensive experience to crack some of the heaviest issues within your business.

Those spectacular scandals that highlight the evening news – in business, religion, government, and politics can usually be attributable to ‘behaviour’. If we just except that Jim in finance has ‘always been that way’ or Mary in sales ‘can’t help it!’, we are doing ourselves, our staff and our customers a great disservice.


Unconscious drivers is why I help businesses and offer them business coaching


Why? All behaviours are motivated and driven by an attitude. The person who understands the drivers behind the behaviour can then influence it.

Business loses cash every day due to behavioural issues – the bad things good people do when they believe the company expects or requires them to do things that are wrong or the acts of people trying to protect themselves from a system they do not respect. Silently, they undermine your business plans and create failures. This sabotage can often be running at a below conscious level, so the individual doesn’t act deliberately, although it may seem that way. Neuroscience would suggest that our brain functions primarily for survival, perhaps your employees feel under threat so their mind is taking steps to look after them?

In the boardroom a debate is ongoing about ‘communication and the unproductive behaviour of some staff’. The chairman wants everybody to work well together, on board a happy, profitable ship. Just as a board member is making a salient point, the meeting is interrupted by the chairman’s mobile phone, which he answers…

What message does this send out to the organisation about ‘communication and unproductive behavior’?

The beliefs, values, attitudes and assumptions at the top of an organisation create the culture that will feed the Saboteur Within your business and determine its outlook—what it finds important and relevant.


With Business Coaching, Imagine being able to:


  • Un-earth the saboteur within your business
  • Have the skills to re-engage and re-deploy them
  • Enhance your organisational culture
  • Realise why, if the problem keeps appearing, it’s emotional
  • Make a significant impact on your bottom line
  • Discover why ‘Moaners’ are critical to your organisation
  • Understand how to influence more productive behaviours

Matt will be giving you the tools that you can apply instantly to yourself, your office and even your home environment. He is on the lookout for some new case studies; so if you have any organisational change issues or you want to create sustainable growth and behavioral productivity, contact Matt directly.

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