The Saboteur Within Your Appetite

The secret eating spell….

This is one of my client’s who didn’t make it into the book ‘The Saboteur Within’ but was a very interesting and brief  case study.

I was asked by a daughter if I could work with her mother to eat, the mother let’s call her Mary, had had an operation and although it was successful, Mary had lost her appetite and was becoming very weak and every one was concerned for her.

Mary was in a memorial hospice (cancer patient) and I agreed to do a small scale laughter workshop for the patients, knowing that Mary would be in attendance. When I saw her for the first time I thought “what a wonderful old lady” she was just lovely, the kind of person who captures the term grandma J

The challenge for me was how to engage Mary in a way that could encourage her to eat and to live, as the twinkle in her eye had gone out.

So, at the end of the workshop I was packing my things and about to leave, when it came to me, I told the group that I would come back and do another workshop in a months time as they had been such a good audience, then I invited all of them except for Mary, to join in with my Quiz!

The Quiz would be one small puzzle that I would require the answer to in a month, when I came back and then I left quickly, so as not to get caught up in the argument that was about to happen J

Mary’s daughter wasn’t happy Mary was annoyed in fact I think everyone was angry with me J

Anyway a month passed and I went back to the hospice and standing in the door way was a very stern looking Mary.

“Why didn’t you let me have a go at your quiz?” she barked

“What quiz?” I pretended not to remember

“You know what quiz! Anyway the answer is “8” it’s been going through my mind all month “8”, “8” so, there’s your answer” she snapped at me in a rather indignant manner.

Mary had regained her appetite during the last month and was eating well and I chuckled with her that “I was only teasing “

What was the quiz?

The quiz was simply “What is between 7 and 9?” now what was this going to do?

  • Engage Mary by discounting her from the quiz
  • Engage Mary’s family on a common purpose “hate me”
  • This new common purpose stops them pestering Mary to eat
  • Mary has fire in her belly and she needs to get her strength up to face me
  • Mary’s mind continues to process “8” or is “ate”
  • “ate” is the past tense of having eaten, which presupposes that one has
  • Mary was now eating naturally and food wasn’t the enemy, I was J

There are lots of examples like this one in my no1 international best selling book “The Saboteur Within” and I am available to talk on the subject of self-sabotage and all things unconscious, so contact me and let’s help you, your friends, your family and even your business to be free of self sabotage.