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To Mother or to Smother?

    “I can’t live if living is without you!” there is a song around here somewhere ☺ Think about those words for a moment, what happens if you don’t feel the same way? Or if you would to break up, spend time on your own, or simply breathe. Do you feel you are suffocating within your

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    When is a woman not a woman? When she’s a wife…

      I have been reading this article from the New York Times magazine about what does it mean to be a good wife and it got me wondering, perhaps the reasons the author has put forward go even deeper. What if a girl, called Mary, in todays modern world has grown up with a bad mother role model,

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      How To Stop Self Sabotaging Your Relationships

        Thank you for landing on my page. If you’ve been searching the internet for how to stop self sabotaging your relationships, I am sure that you will have come across many different scenarios. Here I am going to offer you a few tips, then, when you take on board my insights, by applying  how to stop

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