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How to be a good manager & the qualities of a good leader

    The Brain, Self Sabotage and Leadership   I was listening to a CEO the other day relaying some behavioural problems from one of his directors, which was causing a down turn in productivity. Not good, but why on earth would someone begin to sabotage themselves and their position within a company? Perhaps the answer comes

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    Work Life Balance May be Easier Than You Think

      Many philosophers have written about the nature of ‘reality’ Carl Jung theorised that you must maintain a relationship between the conscious and unconscious processes of the mind, in order that your psyche may be enriched. Jung believed that without this communication, unconscious processes cold become weak and even threaten the personality, from his map of

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      Self Sabotage – Do You Self Sabotage Your Own Success

        “Procrastination is the fear of success.”  Denis Waitley What are you prepared to lose? For you, success means fulfillment, contentment, happiness and pride. But for your unconscious mind, success means that one area it’s charged with avoiding at all times and at all costs: change! So, how does The Fear of Success work? Well, in order

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